Our son Callum is a ten year old boy who may not speak but he has much to say and he has much to teach all of us.

Callum suffers from Angelman Syndrome which is a rare genetic disorder causing a significant physical and cognitive delay, making independent life impossible.  However, despite the many daily obstacles, Angels as they are fondly known, have an incredible personality and love for people.  Their smile is unique and almost always lights up every room they enter. 

Callum may have Angelman Syndrome but it doesn’t define him as a person.  He is an individual and with the help of others he will be able to find his place in the world. 

What do people remember about Callum?  His amazing smile, his endless hugs, his beautiful eyes, his infectious laugh, his warm embrace, his love for life, his silly chuckle and his incredible determination.

Callum has blessed us in ways most people cannot see.

A little bit about Callum...

“I believe that Callum is here on earth to teach us all something about love.”